Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's Play a Game

There's a tree in my parent's backyard. This tree is getting pretty big. I decided it was time to play a game...and this tree is the center of the game.
Let's play Guess the Age of the Tree! It's simple: look at the pictures below and then guess the age.

Tree facts: The tree is, I believe, a curly willow. The tree faces East and is planted in the middle of the backyard. The soil is very rocky and used to be the home of an apple orchard.

Ready, Set, Go!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Feel Smarter Already

Lessons learned during the past week:

- The drive to Gunnison is much prettier through Fountain Green than through Levan. I should know; I made the trip 2 times in 3 days.

- 150 hormonal teenagers...I survived with minimum chocolate consumption.

- When you take 2 days off of work, it all goes to you know where in a handbasket. I already knew this, but the lesson has been re-learned.

- I can survive in a tent and a sleeping bag without a flat iron. I'm not too happy, but I can survive.

- There are just some song lyrics that get stuck in my head: "How come every time you come around my London, London bridge is falling down."

- There are a lot of stupid people in this world. Good thing I'm not one of them.

- My brother can convince me to do almost anything. U2 - Phoenix - October. Ya, Baby!

- You can get mono as an adult.

- Antibiotics are my new best friend.

- Baking soda and water will make a mosquito bite stop itching. Even when they are on your head and the size of a golf ball.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer O' Fun

Memorial Day offically kicks off the summer season. I have declared this summer the "Summer O' Fun!" And fun is what we're going to have (trust me, you're having fun!)

Memorial Day I drug the family out and made them participate in my first activity.

We started the day doing some business.

We're all ready to go!

Hitting the open road (or the freeway at least).

Dad and I got a little bored waiting for mom in the car, so we explored her purse. Look what we found.

Mom said I needed to be documented as part of the trip, so there, I'm documented.

After we finished our business, we headed for a drive around Utah Lake. You know, it really was quite beautiful. And when I say we went around the Lake, I do mean around the Lake. We started in Lehi, went through Saratoga Springs, out to Elberta, Goshen, back through Genola, and out to Spanish Fork.

Some of the scenery.

We thought we'd stop for gas...doesn't look like that station is open!

And Coach was thristy, so we stopped for a drink. Yup, the drink machine worked!

It was a fun day and a great way to kick off Summer O' Fun.

The next week, I decided we needed to check off another item from our list. We planned a FHE activity to roast hot dogs and marshmallows at Beer Can (I know, it's not called Beer Can anymore, but that's what I insist on calling the place.) Alas, the weather had other plans.

The rain, and thunder, and ligthening didn't stop us! We just made do with what we had.
That was a delicious hot dog!
The CMan enjoyed the rain.

Next on the list, the Cheifton Museum. Oh, it's going to be a great summer!

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