Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer O' Fun Returns

Memorial Day marks the return of Summer O' Fun! Some of you may remember the antics from Summer O' Fun 2009. While everyone made fun of me when I made plans for Summer O' Fun back then, turns out the family participants actually missed the festivities since we slacked with Summer O' Fun 2010. For one reason or another (and everyone has their own opinions here) last year did not turn out to be very funnish. Apparently I am the glue that holds Summer O' Fun together.

Yesterday, the calendar said Memorial Day (even though the weather said President's Day) and Summer O' Fun made its valiant return.

The plan was to hike the "P." I had high hopes that the weather would cooperate, but alas, it did not.

Check out that snow level! On May 30th! This really makes me nervous as I'm supposed to take 20 girls into the mountains next week. Oh heaven help me!

Obviously, Plan A was thwarted. So we resorted to Plan B (Or maybe it was Plan C). We had a barbeque, and needed a quick trip to the grocery store. So off we went!

See, Coach was really excited at this point.

Kenny was upset about not being able to go on the hike, but he was still willing to participate.

See, this is where we would have started our hike. No can do with those clouds!

That trip to the grocery store was really exhausting, so we stopped for a drink. The Crest has pebble ice now - enough said.

Coach got upset because I took his picture while driving. Oh well, that's part of Summer O' Fun!

Pops even got documented. He was having a great time.

We had our barbeque and then decided to head to the cemetary. We decorated graves for our family on Saturday, but we wanted to find some graves in our local cemetary. So off we went!

And it was raining, but I kept searching. Turns out, there are lots of pioneer graves in the Payson cemetary. Who knew? Well, I didn't.

I didn't document this part, but it did happen. And I plan on returning to check out those pioneer graves.

Then, we watched a movie. I wanted to watch "Leap Year." I love that movie. I'm not sure everyone else enjoyed my choice.

I didn't document this part either.

We did some exploring outside. I was picking flowers to take to the cemetary when I discovered this.

At first, I thought it was just some strange lawn ornament my mom had found. Turns out, that is

a real mushroom - thanks to all of the rain we've had so far.

I made Coach cut it out because it gave me the heeby geebies.

Then, it was time to go home.

Now, doesn't that sound like a great start to Summer O' Fun? Indeed it was.

On the list this year:

SLC cemetary
Peteetneet Quilt Show
Hiking the P. I will get there eventually.

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