Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random thoughts from a random mind

- Why is it cute for babies to have chubby thighs but on me chubby is gross? Because I totally need an excuse for chubby thighs.

- It really isn't that shocking that I'm single. Seriously. So please, when you make this realization, don't make a big deal out of it - in a meeting. And then please for the love, don't try to set me up with the warehouse guy.

- I think Ralph Macchio did a great job on Dancing with the Stars. Even though his hands were a bit awkward. And Kirsty Alley - that girl can move!

- Daylight Savings is cruel. I still haven't adjusted and it's been over a week.

- The calendar says spring, but there are some nasty black clouds loomy overhead.

- I just want one day where there are no meetings, no place I need to be after work, and nobody asking me to do something. Just one day.

- Some people don't understand that I have a job. I know that making visiting teaching appointments and telling me all about your latest "drama" is super important. But, 15 texts in a row, while I'm at work, is just not cool. Can't you wait a few hours and just call me?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I went to a restaurant in Provo with 2 dates. Yes, you read that right, 2 dates. One we'll call B and the other we'll call E. I know, very creative. And in case you were wondering, I was with both guys at the same time. I know, total player. :)

We were enjoying a lovely dinner at a rather fancy restaurant. I ate a delicious mango chicken while both of my dates enjoyed southwest chicken. No, they didn't share a plate - just happened to order the same thing.

The dessert menu came around and of course when I see "cheesecake tower" I simply cannot resist. This beautiful three layer cheesecake with thin, delicate graham crackers, a light cheesecake filling, and scrumptious raspberries was a sight to behold. I dug in without hesitation. I had only taken 2 or 3 bites of this masterpiece when I heard a disturbing noise.

It was the fire alarm. Only nobody moved. We all just looked around, stared at each other, and said, "I think that's the fire alarm." I noticed the cute little waitresses frantically calling someone on the phone. Next thing I know, the waitress is telling us we need to leave.

But what about my cheesecake? It was delicious and I wasn't about to leave it there. Do I risk my life? Or leave the cheesecake?

Leaving the cheesecake was not an option. As the waitress is trying to get everyone out of the restaurant, B said, "Could she get a box for this cheesecake? She'll cry about it all night if she can't take it with her." And he was right, I would have cried all night (or maybe just whined).

Risking life and limb, the waitress made a mad dash for the kitchen, boxed up my cheesecake, and we were out the door.

She's my hero.

We got outside and the fire alarms were going off in the entire building complex. I couldn't see or smell any smoke, but B said, "Let's get out of here before the fire trucks come."

He was right, they were on their way. See...

And see that little blur right by the fire truck? That's a fireman with an axe! And B wouldn't stop so I could get his phone number. Something about the man needing to take care of a fire. Whatever.

And that's the end of my story. The end.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet is the Peace

I’ve been thinking about the peace and safety that the gospel brings into our lives. It’s really been on my mind a lot lately, especially with some recent events that have happened around me. I know that it sounds really cliche and maybe even a bit naive, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly brings us safety. And that safety brings us peace of mind. That peace of mind allows us to live happily, despite sadness and heartache around us.

I teach the young women all the time that there is safety in following the commandments. I often get asked, “But why are the commandments so hard?” Or “Sometimes it just seems too restricting to follow all of the things we’ve been asked to do.” Or “There is a lot to remember – nobody’s perfect!” And I agree, there is a lot required of us as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But where much is given, much is required. I for one will take all that is required of me in order to have just a little bit of peace in my life.

To those on the outside, it might seem that the things I’m “giving up” are restricting my freedom. To some, the fact that I choose not to drink alcohol might seem like a silly choice that is only making it so I miss out on fun. However, I see it as the exact opposite. My choice not to do certain things, not to drink, not to smoke, not to “decorate” my body with tattoos, is actually giving me freedom that some will never now.

If I drink, I temporally lose my freedom – my freedom to think clearly, my freedom to drive a car without injuring another person, my freedom to know I’ll wake up with no regrets in the morning. If I don’t get a tattoo, I’m actually gaining the freedom to not have any regrets later on down the road. I gain the freedom of knowing I will never have to explain to my daughter how tattoos are trashy and will actually hurt her chances of getting a job sometime in the future while she looks at me and says, “But mom, you have a tattoo.”

So I’m thankful today for the freedom that comes from choosing to obey the commandments and to live a higher life. I’m thankful for the peace that comes from knowing my life is in order and that I can live without regret or fear.

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