Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Letter to 2008

Dear 2008,

Here it is, the end of another year, and I feel like I was just barely getting to know you. You, 2008, were not exactly what I was expecting this year. Your brother 2007 was a wild ride…he took me over seas, brought me a new nephew, and took me in a new career direction. 2007 was full of ups and downs; excitements and let downs; the end of some things and the beginning of others. 2008, you were much calmer. And yet, in your own right, you brought something new and wonderful to me.

It’s true, I didn’t go on any exotic vacations…although I really wanted to. I didn’t change jobs…although there were times when I really wanted to. There were no huge life-changing experiences, no big, bold revelations, and there were no real surprises. 2008, you were constant.

You certainly weren’t as exciting as your brother, 2007, but 2008 you taught me the most about myself. I learned more about who Jen is and what it is that she really needs and wants in her life. In fact, you taught me how to accept life just as it is…even if the path I’m on is so much different than the path I ever expected.

You taught me how to play the office polictal game…the right way. It’s not always about being right (even when you are) and it’s not always about having the best idea. Sometimes, you just have to learn to play nice, even if it’s painful. Eventually, your hardwork and determination will pay off. It just may take a little more time than originally thought.

You taught me to accept life’s circumstances. It’s true, I did not (and still don’t) want to be going to that family ward. Yet, it’s where I need to be. Even if my calling is being the “nursey treat coordiantor.” Perhaps, somehow or somewhere, I may be touching a life. Maybe my example is helping someone else live a good life. I sure hope so.

2008, you taught me to love myself. Sure, I can no longer fit into those “skinny” jeans, but I don’t dwell on that. I’ve accepted me, all of me, for who I am. But, 2008, will you do me a favor? Will you please ask 2009 to bring me a little bit of weight loss success? (I’m not asking for too much, I promise.)

I learned that I am a wonderful person…just the way I am. I learned that I have much to give professionally, spritually, and mentally. I am a strong, courageous woman. Sometimes, I am scared and worry. Sometimes, I wonder if my life is as it should be, if I’m making the right choices. And sometimes, I just wish things were different. 2008, you showed me how to accept all of these things about myself, even the weaknesses. And for that, I consider this year to be a success.

So, here’s to another year. Here’s to more self-exploration, more peace and contentment…and maybe even an exciting vacation or two. And 2009, I really do mean it when I say I want world peace.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Update of Sorts

It’s been a long time since an update! Sorry SuperDaysh. I still don’t have much time to update so here’s a quick run down on life right now:

- It’s almost Christmas. And it’s cold and snowy. But I don’t have much Christmas spirit. I blame it on work.
- Speaking of work, I’m still mad at Dane.
- I could really use a long nap right now.
- Or a cruise to some warm, exotic location.
- I kicked a full glass of Pomegranate 7-Up all over my carpet. Oops!
- I can’t believe that the people on The Biggest Loser lose nearly half of their body weight percentage. It’s incredible!
- I’m going to be very grumpy if I don’t get to use my time off during the Christmas break.
- I saw Twilight…and liked it. Shocking, I know.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good Morning America

OK, so I don't usually talk about work on my blog here (you know, because it's my personal blog and I need an outlet OUTSIDE of work). But this is just too cool to pass up. It's a fun time to be in marketing!

Watch this!

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