Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Called Compromise

I'd like to share a little bit with you today about a concept called compromise. I believe in any successful relationship (family, romantic, friends, work) you have to have a little give and take. You make compromises for other people to make them happy and they in turn make compromises for you.

Let's say I really want to go out to dinner tonight. But there's a Jazz game on. So, let's make a compromise. We'll go to dinner first and then watch the Jazz game at home. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well, last night I made the ultimate compromise. Any one who knows me well knows that I am deathly afraid of dogs. I've never liked dogs, been afraid of them my entire life (thanks mom), and will avoid dogs at any cost. One day when I was training for a 5K race (don't laugh) we had a little encounter with a huge dog. I was sure we were going to die that day.

And then, just a couple of days ago, I was at my friend's house and her little yapper dog decided he wanted to take up residence in my lap. I was a little nervous, but I was very brave. But once the dog wanted me to tickle him with my feet, I had to put an end to this little love affair.

So back to yesterday. I've been seeing man-friend for almost 6 months now (really? Sheez, time goes by way too fast). Man-friend has a rather large Yellow Lab. Now I know what you're thinking...Labs are very friendly dogs. And yes, they are. However, this particular dog is barely a year old. So while he looks like an older dog (did I mention that he's huge) he's still a puppy and likes to jump and lick...a lot.

Man-friend knows I'm not a dog fan. For the most part, he's been very patient, but I know that my lack of affection for dogs was bothering him. So I bit the bullet last night. And I went to Man-friend's house. And I spent time with the dog.

That dog, for some odd reason, decided to like me. A lot. He jumped all the way up on me and gave me a kiss...on my face (gross). Then, decided he wanted to play fetch with me. I sat down on the couch, dog sat next to me. I got up and went towards the door, dog followed. Dog ate a bone and had the stinkiest dog breath ever, and came over right in front of my face. All night long, the dog was right where I was. Man-friend says he's never seen the dog act quite like that. Should I be flattered? Or frightened? I haven't quite decided.

So you see, I made the ultimate compromise last night. I let go of my fear and had a dog all up in my business for a few hours. Man-friend said I was a good sport. I mean, I suppose it was time that I at least try to like the dog, but I'm going to consider this a good compromise.

Man-friend owes me. Big time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

How I Spend My Time These Days

You may be wondering, "How does Jen spend her time now days?" Well, let me enlighten you.

I spend a lot of time gooeing over this little girl.

In case you are wondering, that is the face she usually makes at me. She likes to "growl" at me. Got to work on this favorite aunt bit.

I pick pumpkins.

I found out that BYU and Utah football players can indeed get along with each other.

And I go on hikes.

I also watch a lot of baseball (Go Giants! Not because I'm a Giants fan, but my beloved Yankees are out of the series and the Giants are currently ahead 3-1. The sooner the Giants win, the sooner baseball season is over.) I make lists, but rarely cross anything off. I try new recipes, although some have been less than delicious. And I type. A lot.

It's a good life!

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