Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear President Obama,

You’re the President of the United States now. That’s a tall order to fill. Regardless of my personal political affiliation or who I voted for on election day, the charge is now yours to lead this land that I love. I pray for your guidance and success.

On Tuesday morning I watched you begin your road to becoming President. My heart swelled with pride to be an American. I watched you stand amidst a spectacular background of red, white, and blue as the flag proudly waved. You were confident and poised. I was privileged to be a part of history as our nation swore in the first African-American President. I watched as crowds of people got tears in their eyes to witness this historic day. Only in this great land could such a feat be accomplished. We are truly blessed to be Americans.

I was struck with awe as I watched a peaceful transfer of power. There were smiles and handshakes and general good wishes as the former power gave the mantel to the new power. I think it’s this peace, this non-violent manner, that really stands out in my mind as a miracle that day. Another testament to our great land.

You showed such respect for the Office of President, as well as great personal respect for President Bush. I was touched to see your wife give Mrs. Bush a gift as you greeted the couple on the White House stairs. I think the manner in which you treated Pres. Bush and his wife speaks volumes about your character. Your wife showed me how to be an example to young women everywhere. Her graciousness, her class, and her dignity are characteristics that should be emulated in the world today. Your love and respect for your wife were also noted. I loved how you walked around the car to open her door and walked beside her as you took on new responsibilities…together. It’s obvious to me that you are both in this; it’s not a one-sided job.

And now, as we move forward into the future, it’s my wish that you will succeed. That together, as a nation, we can be united and bring about change. Together, we can make the world a better place for all of us, for our children, and for future generations. All eyes are on you now to see if you will bring about the change that you talked about all during the campaign. Don’t let us down. And may “God bless America.”



Thursday, January 15, 2009

When I Leave My Desk Unattended

This is what happens.

The poor puppets...they never saw it coming.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Word of the Day: Gratitude

Gratitude: a word I needed to adopt today.

I'm grateful...

- Even though there is no easy way for me to get home from work thanks to construction (that will last until November 2009), I'm grateful for a home to go to.

- When the snow just keeps falling and falling and falling and the temperatures just keep falling and falling and falling, I'm grateful for a safe commute with drivers who are also being safe.

- When I drop my purse in a huge pile of snow, I'm grateful my purse was closed.

- Even though it was just "one of those days" where no matter how hard I tried it just wasn't good enough, I'm grateful for my drive and my desire to find a solution to problems...even if there was no real solution at the end of the day.

- When I tripped and almost fell down the warehouse stairs and really hurt my foot, I'm grateful for no broken bones.

- I'm grateful for completing a goal I set for myself this week.

- For this little guy...just can't get enough of him.

- Even though I didn't get to take all of the vacation I wanted to over the Christmas break, I'm grateful for a job to go to. Even if SuperDaysh throws things over the top of the cubicle that hit me in the head.

- And finally, I'm grateful for a week of "freedom."

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