Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I've Learned from a Prophet

Just a few of my favortite quotes from Pres. Hinckley.

“May I be personal for a moment? I sat at dinner across the table from my wife the other evening. It was fifty-five years ago that we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. The wondrous aura of young womanhood was upon her. She was beautiful, and I was bewitched. Now, for more than half a century, we have walked together through much of storm as well as sunshine. Today neither of us stands as tall as we once did. As I looked at her across the table, I noted a few wrinkles in her face and hands. But are they less beautiful than before? No, in fact, they are more so. Those wrinkles have a beauty of their own, and inherent in their very presence is something that speaks reassuringly of strength and integrity and a love that runs more deeply and quietly than ever before.”

“For 66 years we have walked together, hand in hand, with love and encouragement, with appreciation and respect. It cannot be very long before one of us will step through the veil. I hope the other will follow soon. I just would not know how to get along without her, even on the other side and I would hope that she would not know how to get along without me.”

“We are in a period of stress across the world. There are occasionally hard days for each of us. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds. Opportunities will eventually open to you. Do not let the prophets of gloom endanger your possibilities.”

“Shape up. I say that to myself constantly. Shape up. Stand a little taller. Be a little better, a little stronger, a little more thoughtful, a little humbler. A little more prayerful, that you may be worthy of the guidance of the Lord and of His wonderful blessing.”

Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

I wanted to write something profound, touching, appropriate, and beautiful. But it’s just not coming. So I will write this: Thank You, President Hinckley. Your imprint will be left on more hearts than just mine.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

50 Things About Me - Right Now

I’ve noticed recently that the whole “100 Things About Me” is circulating around again. I participated in this trend last year and thought it would be fun to do it again. Only this time, it’s 50 things about me – right now.

1. I am sick of the snow!
2. Grateful for the moisture, but seriously sick of the cold weather.
3. I’m trying to decide if I’m a morning/night person.
4. I can’t figure it out.
5. I think I could be a night person, but my current lifestyle is forcing me to be a morning person.
6. “I feel my Savior’s love…”
7. “In all the world around me…”
8. You get the point.
9. I really like my handwriting.
10. I’m restless and feel like I need to change my personal style.
11. Same goes for my house.
12. But I have no idea what that style should be.
13. I love spinning!
14. I am full of opinions.
15. If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask for it.
16. Because you may not like what I have to say.
17. I took one of those “political” quizzes.
18. It said I agree most with Hillary Clinton.
19. Except I don’t.
20. Thank you, Dr. Brian!
21. You’re the best.
22. My new celebrity crush.


24. Look at how cute he is.
25. Traction control rules.
26. So does IKEA.
27. If you do not know me, please don’t try to set me up on date.
28. Just because two people are single does not mean they would make a great match.
29. January is the worst month ever.
30. I’m so glad it’s almost over.
31. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than coming down from the Christmas high.
32. Maybe we should start celebrating Christmas twice a year.
33. My shoe rack broke.
34. And my shoes are scattered all over my room.
35. There’s this old man in my ward that is the greeter. If he’s gone one Sunday, I feel incomplete.
36. Fingers do not belong in a flat iron.
37. I’m still trying to learn that lesson.
38. This one is for my brother.
39. I can’t believe you rode the New York/New York roller coaster without me!
40. It’s OK to laugh at yourself.
41. Still on track with the new year’s resolutions.
42. I’m actually quite shocked.
43. I wish Peter Cetera was still with Chicago.
44. I saw a 4-Runner high-centered on a snow bank.
45. Guess where I saw it?
46. At the local high school.
47. No surprise, huh?
48. Sometimes I find clothes in my closet that I forgot I had.
49. Does that mean I have too many clothes?
50. Life is good.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Snowing - Again

It's snowing outside, I have the day off, and I have no motivation to do anything. As a result, I thought I'd share a little story that is appropriate for a day like today.

The setting: Alta Ski Resort
Characters: Jen, Jar, Am, and Eric
Scene: First time skier taken to the top of a hill.

Jar: "See those big piles of snow beneath the trees?"
Jen: "I see them."
Jar: "Those are called tree wells. Whatever you do, stay out of the tree well."
Jen: "OK."

Jen: "I'm losing control!"
Jar: "Just make your skis go into an A."

Jar: "I told you not to go into the tree well."

Jen: "That A thing didn't work out so great."

Jen: "I' ve lost my ski!"

Everyone else: Laughing hysterically at the chick stuck in the tree well.

Jen: "Could someone please come pull me out?"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bathroom Break

This morning, I went to the viewing of my sister-in-law’s grandmother. I was standing in line with my parents, waiting to pay my respects, when a man walked up to me and said, “Do you mind if we cut in line? Pres. Monson needs to get up to the stand.” And there stood Pres. Monson and his wife. I kindly stepped aside and Pres. Monson went through the line. I followed with my parents and then we made our way to the door. On the way out the door, I decided to use the bathroom. When I came out, there stood Pres. Monson talking to my dad. They were in the middle of some conversation about how my dad’s uncle is a crazy driver. My dad asked Pres. Monson, “Did you ever drive in the car with Hans?” Pres. Monson said, “That wasn’t a car ride, that was a death sentence!” The conversation continued with Pres. Monson tellling my dad stories about our family. Pres. Monson even shared a few of the German phrases he knew. And then it was time to leave.

And that is what happens when I decide I need a bathroom break.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It’s official. You can finally go on the trip you were “denied” 16 years ago. But you'll have to wait until April. I hope it will be worth the wait.

And I promise to be good the whole trip. I’ll only ask “Are we there yet?” once.


Your Perfect Child

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You know what I don’t get? Running. Seriously, I do not understand the appeal of running on the asphalt, joints being jarred, and people starring at your bouncing flab. I don’t get it.

My brother loves running. And he’s gotten into amazing shape by running.

One summer, my sister-in-law and myself decided to run a local 5K that would be on Labor Day. At the time it sounded like a fantastic idea. I had dreams of crossing the finish line, being 20 pounds thinner, and oh so proud of my accomplishment.

(This is not a picture of me. Just some clip art lady.)

We started our training and prepared for the race. I soon realized that I do not like running. It just isn’t fun! And to make matters worse, I gained 4 pounds! I’m the only person in the world that gains weight from running. And don’t tell me it was muscle gain, because I don’t believe it.

Even though I really hated running, we kept our goal to run in the Labor Day 5K race. Know what I realized about mile 2? Not only is running just not fun, but why in the world did I pay $20 to run this race? Seriously, I paid money to run down the road and get a t-shirt that I’ll never wear. Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Bottom line…running is stupid.

And that is my soapbox for the day. The End.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

True Life Tuesday

The following are true events from my life on Tuesday.

- Tonight, I’m going to a spinning class. I couldn’t be happier!
- A project that I have been working on for a long (LONG) time is finally finished.
- Today’s temperature high was 20. Yes, 20 degrees.
- I have eaten nearly an entire can (6 oz) of honey roasted almonds – by myself!
- I watched a You Tube video of a guy playing Guns ‘N Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” – with his hands!
- I do not know how to spell niece. And yes, I know the i after e except after c rule.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Question On My Mind

If I would have known then what I know now would I have behaved differently?

Well, I definitely would have changed that time I got the really bad sunburn at Lake Powell. If only I knew then that the sun can still burn you even though it is cloudy. I really should have put some sunscreen on.

Or if I would have known how really insignificant high school is when all is said and done, I would have taken school less seriously. Why is it that everything during high school is so dramatic?

And there were those times when I probably should have said no to some of those dates. Oh yes, if I would have known then what I know now, those dates would have never happened.

I should have taken that trip to NYC last summer, I should have spoken up when I knew there was injustice, and I really should have been a little more forward on more than one occasion.

If I would have known then what I know now what would be different?

When I think about the memories I lost, the fun I missed out on, the friends I never made, the relationships that never materialized, I’m sad that I let my fear, my insecurities, or just plain stubbornness get in the way. Yes, if I would have known then what I know now I would have acted differently.

Which brings up another question. Would I really want to know now what I would know later? Would I really want to know the future? I think the answer is no. Because the things I’ve learned, the regrets I’ve had, the growing pains I’ve experienced made me the person I am today. I believe if I would have known then what I know now that I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. Sure, the outcome would have been different, but I’m not sure I want the outcome to be different.

I know that I don’t want to have any regrets, but that doesn’t mean that I want to change the past regrets. I just don’t want any new regrets.

So, other than a few less sunburns and some forgotten bad dates, I think I’m perfectly happy not knowing now what I might know later.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Life can change so quickly. I was thinking yesterday about how different my life is today compared to how I thought it would be just a year ago. Life changes so quickly. Yet sometimes, I wonder how change happens. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like everything is exactly the same? You do your thing day in and day out. You have a routine. You live your life the same as always. Nothing really seems to change. And yet, one day you wake up and realize everything is different. How does that happen?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I found some really great quotes that I wanted to post. These are quotes that comfort...that give hope...that make me believe in a better tomorrow. Enjoy!

Vincent Van Gogh: "Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, 'What do I care if there is a summer; its warmth is no help to me now.' Yes, evil often seems to surpass good. But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope."

Elder Holland: "Please learn to write well and to speak the language with some precision. Edward R. Murrow once said that Winston Churchill won the Second World War by 'mobilizing the English language and sending it into battle' (Edward R. Murrow, I Can Hear It Now, [1933-1945], Columbia Records). Perhaps it will help you win your battles, or get a job, or change a nation. The prophets of God have known that the impact of the inspired, compelling word, spoken or written, is among the most powerful forces on earth. You should discover that too. It has moved their mountains. It will move some of yours. It will illuminate your path.”

Elder Holland (again, because he's just awesome like that): “In the gospel of Jesus Christ you have help from both sides of the veil, and you must never forget that. When disappointment and discouragement strike—and they will—you remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see riding at reckless speed to come to our protection. They will always be there, these armies of heaven, in defense of Abraham’s seed.”

Elder Oaks: “Stand ready to accept the Lord’s planning and the agency of others in matters that inevitably affect you. Plan, of course, but fix your planning on personal commitments that will carry you through no matter what happens. Anchor your life to eternal principles, and act upon those principles whatever the circumstances and whatever the actions of others. Then you can await the Lord’s timing and be sure of the outcome in eternity.”

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Progress: noun
A movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage.

Stagnant: adjective
Showing little or no sign of activity or advancement; not developing or progressing; inactive.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Quote of the Day

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." --Jack London

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's Wrong with this Picture?

This morning I went to the post office. To get stamps. They were out.

Seriously, the post office was out of stamps. It's the post office! Aren't they supposed to have stamps?

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