Thursday, November 26, 2009

How My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

This is what it's like around the house on Thanksgiving Day .

1. First, Dad hangs Christmas lights from roof while dancing around like the Great Cornholio.

2. Brother burbs. And mom gets real mad and says, "Coach, I do not appreciate that at the Thanksgiving Day table."

3. Brother 1 and Brother 3 fight over who has to say the prayer. Dad forces Brother 3 to pray.

4. Dad's Thanksgiving meal consists of a peanut butter sandwich, Reeses peanut butter cups, and a Diet Pepsi.

5. After his Thanksgiving dinner, Dad has a dinner roll, a Reeses peanut cup, and cranberry sauce...all together. Later he says, "That would have been great with a piece of turkey." He claims it's delicious.

6. Two minutes later Dad exclaims, "That wasn't so tasty."

7. Daughter (me) tries to set the table on fire by taking matches to the cranberry centerpiece.

8. Mom gets mad. Real mad.

9. Daughter, Mom, Brother 1 drink beverage with lemons harvested straight from the tree. Delicious.

10. Mom wonders how she's survived this family.

11. Brother 3 reminds Sister (me) that he has a paper due. He says, "I promise, I will not leave this to the last minute." It's due Monday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm in Love with Twilight

I admit, I love the Twilight series. But not for the reasons you may be thinking.

I’m not in love with the “ideal” man. I’m not fascinated with a teenage werewolf (even though I’ve always been Team Jacob). And don’t even get me started with the spelling and grammatical errors, holes in the plot, and overly sappy writing. But I do love the series. And here’s why:

“Stephenie Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Phoenix, Arizona. After the publication of her first novel, Twilight, booksellers chose Stephenie Meyer as one of the "most promising new authors of 2005" (Publishers Weekly).” (From Stephenie Meyer’s website.)

As a fellow English graduate from Brigham Young University, Stephenie Meyer gives me hope. So to you Stephenie, thank you for pursuing your dream. You’ve given me the hope to do the same.

And that is why I will always love Twilight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Act I

Place: Neighbors House

Actors: Me (Jen), 5-year-old Nick, 1-year-old baby Mattie

Scene: Changing Mattie’s diaper.

Nick: “Do you know how to change a diaper?”

Jen: “Yes, Nick, I do know how to change a diaper.”

Nick: “Do you have any kids?”

Jen: “No, I don’t have any kids.”

Nick: “Do you have a husband?”

Jen: “No, I don’t have a husband.”

Nick: “You need a man!”

Jen: “Yes, yes I do. Do you know any men for me?”

Act II

Place: Driving in the car

Actors: Me (Jen), 5-year-old nephew the CMan, 2-year-old-nephew Mr. Mster

Scene: Driver in the front seat, nephews in the back seat.

CMan: “Jen Jen, you’re not an adult.”

Jen: “I’m not CMan?”

CMan: “No, you’re not because you don’t have any kids.”

Jen: “So, you’re only an adult if you have kids?”

CMan: “Yes, adults have kids.”

Jen: “Is Uncle Kenny an adult? Because he doesn’t have any kids.”

CMan: “Yes, Jen Jen, Kenny is an adult.”

Jen: “But he doesn’t have any kids, CMan.”

CMan: “But he’s married. And when you’re married you’re an adult.”

Jen: “So, I’m not married and I don’t have any kids so I’ll be a kid forever?”

CMan: “Yup, that’s right.”

Jen: “Good to know.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Berlin Wall

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since that remarkable day. In my lifetime there have been a few life-changing world events that leave a mark on you forever. The fall of the Berlin Wall was one of those events for me.

I was only 13 years old when the wall fell and I don’t remember much. What I do remember was sitting in my 8th grade German class 20 years ago today and talking about what had happened the day before. We talked about freedom, we talked about democracy, and we talked about a country uniting. I remember, even at that young of an age, feeling hope for the world we live in.

The fall of the wall gave me the opportunity to travel to Russia, to set foot in a communist country (much to my mother’s dismay), and experience a culture that was kept from me before that time. I was only 15 years old when I took that trip, but I still have vivid memories of a beautiful culture. I look forward to the day I can return.

Now, I think back on that time of the Berlin Wall and what the fall really means. The fall of the Berlin Wall came peacefully. No shots were fired, no lives were lost, and freedom was gained. East Germans walked across the border they were never allowed to cross and were greeting by their fellow countrymen. The people in West Germany willingly gave their money and their food. Children were given candy and the parents were given money to buy goods. With welcome arms, the East Germans were welcomed to their new freedom. Kind of makes me think about how my country treats those who come across the border…but that’s a discussion for another day.

In today’s world, with violence everywhere you turn, I like to think about the Berlin Wall. What an example of peace and democracy. When I lose a little faith in the world, in my country, and in the future, I’ll think of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the hope that day 20 years ago gave to the world.

Friday, November 6, 2009

U2 Baby!

October 20, I headed to Phoenix to see the U2 concert. Fabulous! U2 is just one of those bands that gets better with time. Awesome performance, super cool stage, and great time on a mini-vacation. Enjoy some pictures!

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