Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey, long time no blog. Something very important brings me to the blogosphere today. Consider this a public service announcement (or just something never to do to me).

I cannot stand it when someone uses my personal email for their business gain. Let me explain.

You know how you give your email address out for church, to a friend, or another person as a means of communication? When someone gives you their email address for any of the above purposes, do not start using that email address to promote your new Avon, MaryKay, drink beverage (insert any number of MLM/Direct Selling companies here) business. I’m happy you’ve found a job that works for you, but unless I gave you my email address to specifically send me information about your product, please do not use it. In fact, it’s rather irritating and I no longer consider you a friend at this point in time.

For example, if you have my email address for visiting teaching purposes (and I admit, email sometimes comes in very handy for visiting teaching), I would really appreciate it if you didn’t send me 3 emails a day about your “awesome sale” or “clearance items.” Because not only have we not talked for 6 months, I really don’t want to buy your crap. And I really don’t want your excessive emails clogging up my inbox.

And furthermore, I happen to know quite a bit about emailing for business. While it may not be illegal, it does borderline on unethical to add my email to your mailing list without my permission.

Don’t even get me started about “friending” me on Facebook for this exact reason either. If I haven’t talked to you in the last year, chances are I’m not going to meet you for lunch to discuss “an awesome business opportunity you are sure I would be interested in.” This earns an automatic delete.

And thus ends today’s rant.


erin said...

I'd add to that trying to connect on LinkedIn when we've never met and I have no clue who you are (and you send me an invitation with one of those default messages that doesn't explain anything either). You do that to me and I won't connect with you. Ever.

I've gotten a lot of those lately. Can I copy your blog topic and write my own? :)

Jen said...

Oh yes, the Linked requests! I hate that too! Go ahead and copy - I'm sure you know exactly how I feel on this one.

erin said...

Sweet. I'll make a note in my blog drafts and see if I can get a post out this month! :)

Lori said...

okay okay...i won't sell you anything. oh, i have nothing to sell. ; ) but i do understand what you mean.

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