Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer O' Fun: Shakespeare Style

Every summer I take a trip with my friends to Cedar City to the Shakespeare Festival. We made the annual trip last weekend. It was certainly not a disappointment! I saw Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummers Night Dream, and Noises Off! (Which did keep its promise of 1 million laughs...or 999,999 in my case).

We headed to Cedar City on Friday afternoon. On the way we saw two beardies in a Volvo pulling a trailer full of carpet pad. Always interesting moments on I-15.

We saw our first play on Friday night. I chose to go see Romeo and Juliet with one of my friends while the other two went to Music Man. Romeo and Juliet was in the outdoor theater. As is custom in Utah during monsoon season, it rained. And rained a lot. The actors kept going and fortunately our seats were covered. Others in the theater were a little wet.

On Saturday morning we had some time to kill before the matinee. So we ventured south for a little shopping.

This is where we found our next encounter with weirdies. Here is where we found a weirdee (who happened to be traveling with me) wearing a crown while a creeper weirdo (who was not traveling with me) watched in the background. Most interesting store...ever.

That afternoon we watched A Midsummers Night Dream and then I (like the nerd that I am) headed to the SUU library to do some work. Like a total idiot, I completely overbooked myself and had some freelance work to do. You know you've lost it when you spend vacation time in a library working. I need some help.

The last play we saw was Noises Off! It was very funny and I highly recommend. In fact, I recommend all the plays we saw this year. All were very well done.

Then, at 11:00 at night, we headed home. K is always such a good sport and drives us to and from our adventures. I'm thankful she's so good at staying awake, because I am not. Five minutes into the drive home and I was out!

Check off another summer adventure! This year is turning out to be a great summer! Too bad it's now August and the fun needs to start coming to a close. Boo! I want one more month of summer!

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